Winter’s Photos

Winter's photos was add in For Me, Larina and Common galleries

52 National Dog Show – Bydgoszcz, Poland

At National Dog Show in Bydgoszcz our Basma Des Hautes Vernades got 1 place in Veteran Class and The Best Veteran in Breed. On Best in Show of Veteran she got 5 place smiley. Our little FOR Me Szczescie Ty got 2/6 place in Puppies Class, very promising  yes. We are very proud of mother and daughter kiss.

FOR ME Szczęście Ty Moje at the school

Our Mija is learning at the dog school :). Photos here

The newest galleries

The newest photos of our dogs in "the Galleries" was put. We invite you to watch them 🙂

GINGER ROSE From Orsina’s Land

Our lovely GINGER ROSE From Orsina's Land gone on 27 may. 2 weeks ago we celebrated her 5 years old but now we have only memories … 

KENNEDY’s children

In Kennel "Vom Hollandhof" our KENNEDY Bernenskie Ranczo next children was born. 10 puppies (6 boys and 4 girl) wait for own home. Contact to Kennel: 609 662 124

LARINA Szczęście Ty Moje

Our Lara Szczescie Ty Moje is 2 years old. CONGRATULATION!!!

Litter “J” was born

1 female was born. The Parents are: Y.Ch.PL., CH.PL. KENNEDY Berneńskie Ranczo Y. Win of PL. 2010, Y.Cl.Win..2010 and Y.Ch.PL., Ch.PL. BASMA des Hautes Vernades, Cl.Win.2007, 2xBIS. 

Our Basma des Hautes Vernades is 8 years old

Our lovely Y. Ch.Pl., Ch.Pl. BASMA des Hautes Vernades, Cl.Win.2007, 2xBIS is 8 years old . Basma congratulations!!!!