Litter R – 7 weeks old

Litter R is already 7 weeks old and soon they will all start leaving the family home. I invite you to see the latest photos in the family home>>>.

Litter R – 6 weeks old

Litter R is 6 weeks old. Please see the latest photos of puppies here>>>. If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact>>>.

Litter R – 4 weeks

Litter R is already 4 weeks old. People who would like such a sweet fur are welcome to contact us>>>. The latest photos of puppies can be seen here>>>.

Litter R – 3 weeks

Our sweet litter R is 3 weeks old. We invite all of you to watch new photos here>>>. If someone would like to have such a cutie friend in your home, please contact us>>>.

Litter R – 2 weeks

Our sweet “R” litter is 2 weeks old. Eyes open, therefore new photos was done. We invite you to the puppies’ gallery here>>>

Wonderful news!!!

Litter “R” was born on 3rd August. 4 females and 1 male grow wonderfully. First photos of puppies and information about parents
here >>>

Litter O – update

All puppies have found their homes and will soon be leaving us

Litter O – 7 weeks

Litter O is 7 weeks old. We invite you to watch the latest photos here>>>One girl are looking for home for herself. If you are interested, please contact us>>>

Litter O – 6 weeks

Litter O is 6 weeks old. We invite you to watch the latest photos here>>>. Two females are looking for homes for themselves. If you are interested, please contact us>>>

Litter O – 5 weeks

Litter O is 5 weeks old. You can find them new photos here>>>