New Photos

We put new photos in Galleries of our dogs.

ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje

Our puppy – girl ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje at the National Dog Show in Russia got JCAC, The Youth Winner and her first Best of Breed !!!!! She is 11 months old 🙂 Maria congratulation and thank you very much for your work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

Add new photos of LARINA Szczescie Ty Moje

We add new photos of our Larina in “Galleries” and new photos of our puppies in “In new homes”

Add photos of puppies

New photos of litter C and litter L was add

Movies of Litter C and Litter L

We don’t make new individuals photos of puppies in this week. Therefore we invite all of you look for the movies of litter C and litter L.


Our Beta gone …

Today is the saddest day… Our lovely Beta gone… She was 9 years and 2 months. Thanks Beta we fall in love in Bernese Mountain Dog. Beta – you gave us and all your puppies’ owners a lot happinnes… Thank you for all… You always will be with us …

Litter L

Photos of litter L was add. More information above.

Litter C

Photos of litter C was add. More information above.


Litter L – 4 weeks

Photos of Litter L was add – more information above

Litter C – 5 weeks

New photos of Litter C was add. Look for above…