Pomeranian Dogtrekking Cup

Our Kennedy took part in last edition of Dogtrekking Cup in Gdynia. He got 6 place. You can find photos at Galleries/Kennedy

Litter I – 9 weeks

All puppies left for their homes. Photos of 8 weeks old puppies you can find in part “Puppies”

LItter I

Add the newest photos of Litter I – 1 week old

XX Club Dog Show

At the Club Dog Show my Ch.Pl. KENNEDY Berneńskie Ranczo and LARINA Szczescie Ty Moje got title the Best Breeding Couple. And individually KENNEDY got silver in champion class (8 males in class), Larina got first place in youth class (15 female in class). We are very happy !!!

National Dog Show in Warsaw

At the dog show in Warsaw our CH.Pl KENNEDY Bernenskie Ranczo got gold in champion class and title Best of Sex. Our LARUNA Szczescie Ty Moje got silver in youth class

National Dog Show in Wloclawek

Our KENNEDY Bernenskie Ranczo got BOS and 1st place in Champion Class and our LARINA Szczescie Ty Moje got 1 place in Youth Class

International Dog Show – SOPOT 10-11.08.2013

Our LARINA “Szczescie Ty Moje” got 1 place in Youth Class and titles: Youth Winner and The Best Junior in Breed. We are very happy because it was her debut at the Dog Shows 🙂
Daughter of our KENNEDY Bernenskie Ranczo got third CWC. Congratulation!!!

Ch.Rus., Y.Ch.Rus. ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje

ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje finished adult Champion of Russia. She is daughter of our Ginnger Rose and Kennedy. Maria and Marina – thank you for your work. CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!

Y.Ch. Rus. ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje

We are very proude that puppy-girl from our kennel: ALFA APRIORI Szczescie Ty Moje started her Adult Champion of Russia. Additionaly she got BOB and 3th place BOG. Maryja i Marina thank you much for your work – CONGRATULATION!!!!!!

Ch.Pl. Y.Ch.Pl. Basma des Hautes Vernades, 2xBIS, Cl.Win 2007

We celebrate with our sweet Basma her 7th birthday. Basma, thank you for each day with us and we wish you many years with us too.